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SRG Automation is extremely proud to announce that Scott Patten has joined our team. Scott brings with him all the things that come with 20 years of IT experience: Full stack developer, APIs, all SQL, BAT, networking, HTML, XML, VBA, SFTP scripting, open VPN, XMLX, PDF, RTF, CSV, asynchronous encryption, distributed computing. Languages: Meditech NPR, DR, and RW, ASP, HTML, XML, VBA, VB, VB Dot Net, SSRS Databases: MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, MS-Access. Operating Systems: Every Windows variant from 3.11, ESXi, Ubuntu. Blockchain: Solidity, crypto mining. His niche as he calls it is in, biometric-security, teaching, logistics, banking, finance, genetics, medical, hospital, defense work. The softer side of Scott is that he loves playing video games with his two children and taking camping trips with his wife and family around the south west in their new Winnebago.

Scott Patten